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Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance Testing is an integral and critical phase in SDLC of any software development project. The testing will ensure that:

  • Newly Developed products/features or enhancements meet functional and performance requirements
  • The products/features are stable, reliable and consistent to handle peak loads

Software testing focuses primarily on evaluating or assessing product quality, which is realized through the following core practices:

  • Detect and document defects in software that is under test
  • Validate and prove the requirement specifications and assumptions made in design through concrete demonstration
  • Validate that the software product works as designed
  • Determine the performance benchmark

Software testing can majorly be classified into:

  • Unit Testing - Unit testing focuses on verifying the smallest testable elements of the software. This will sometimes be executed at code level
  • Integration Testing - To ensure that the components/subsystems in the product/application operate properly when combined to execute a use case.
  • Subsystem Testing - This is to test an individual subsystem of the whole application/product. Most of the times this testing will be combined with system testing
  • System Testing - Usually an independent team will test the target system’s end- to-end functioning elements. This is a black box testing where the user provides input and verifies the output against the requirements.
  • Acceptance Testing - to verify that the software is ready, and that it can be used by end users to perform those functions and tasks for which the software was built.

The key measures of a testing include Test Coverage and Quality.

  • Test Coverage is the measurement of testing completeness. Test coverage includes requirements based Coverage or code based coverage.
  • Quality is a measure of the reliability, stability, and performance of the system/software under test. Quality is based on evaluating test results and analyzing defects identified during testing.

At Gurutech Solutions:

  • We provide a wide range of manual and automated testing services that help organizations achieve predictable and improved software quality levels
  • We work with clients as their extended offshore testing team and execute the test plan by leveraging our testing expertise and using appropriate testing tools
  • Our testing services can help you release quality products and save you time and money