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Flash Development

Today Flash is a compelling element in delivering high impact and technology driven website designs. Millions of people around the world experience Flash Animation everyday even without realizing its technical term. The usage of flash doesn't stop just with web but it is also used for presentation slides to interactive desktop applications.

Gurutech Solutions professionally integrates the Flash with HTML such that it can produce a search engine friendly (SEO), fastloading, and interactive experience to your website or desktop applications. The Flash development services that we provide include:

  • Flash Short Intro Movie
  • Banner Ads
  • Interactive Games
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Website Photo Galleries
  • Web Audio and Video Streaming
  • Live broadcast/Unicast of events
  • Movie and TV effects
  • Animated Graphics

Some of the popular flash development tools / platforms we use at Gurutech Solutions are:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Swishmax
  • Flex

Contact us for Flash web development solutions.