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Application Migration

Application migration is the process of porting older applications into newer technologies or platforms.

Technology undergoes changes every day. However, the success of an organization depends on how well it adopts with the changing environment and updates itself accordingly. An Application Migration process helps companies improve software interface, data access, speed and reliability and reduce the total cost.

Gurutech Solutions provide migration and re-designing services to organizations to enhance old software designs to latest ones. Our porting specialists offer expertise on cross-platform compatibility challenges so that the client can concentrate on product innovation and other important core aspects of the business.

Gurutech Solutions Application Migration services include the following fields:

  • Analyzing services to help client decide whether to stay, port, construct or purchase.
  • Legacy technologies to .Net or Java migration
  • J2EE to .NET Migration, and vice versa
  • Database porting
  • Porting applications to different Operating Systems
  • Programming Language migration

Application Migration process consists of the following:

  • Application Migration strategy
  • Application Migration plan
  • Execution
  • Testing
  • Support