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Application Maintenance

Gurutech Solutions offers software maintenance services across a wide range of web and desktop applications.

We focus on the four primary areas of software application maintenance that are important for long term stability, sustainability, and maintenance of any software product:

  • Corrective Software Maintenance - Fixing defects reported by application users
  • Preventive Software Maintenance - Finding and correcting problems or potential problems by executing test cases before they are found by users.
  • Perfective Software Maintenance – Continuously Improving performance and stability of software applications
  • Adaptive Software Maintenance – Marinating products usable in a changing environment

Our Software Application Maintenance services include:

  • Defect analysis, troubleshooting, and bug fixes
  • Performance review and improvements
  • Application upgrades
  • Application testing
  • Functionality enhancement
  • Documentation

When we begin software application maintenance, we work with you to go through a maintenance implementation process. The implementation processes involves software transition and preparation activities such as the analysis of existing source code and documentation, review of known defects and additional product changes, and developing a software maintenance plan.

Benefits of Gurutech Solutions Software Application Maintenance Services:

  • Leveraging our offshore center, companies can reduce software application maintenance costs
  • Outsourcing your software application maintenance to Gurutech Solutions can lead to improved application stability, increased productivity, and lowered support costs